Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm happy to announce that I will be posting some images on Capturing Beauty,( thanks Philip for this opportunity :) so stop in sometimes and have a look.

Here is my first post... enjoy


  1. i know i've been horribly absent from the comments here, but i have been thinking of you...and i mentioned you here:

    just in case you hadn't seen it. :-)

    off to look at your pictures.


  2. wow, just a week or so not coming to your post and now the sun is shining! what a flower! and those vibrant colours!!! I have been thinking of you as I got so incredibly sad news from a wanted-to-be-participant of my aromatherapy-course next week. she had to cancel as her 6-year-old was diagnosed with a second attack of leucemia. she suffers from MS and her husband was diagnosed with skin cancer recently. how cruel fate can be. I am glad you are overcoming your sad loss with colours and humour! cheers from ireland eliane

  3. Yeah you changed your banner. I loved those flowers when you posted them on flickr and I love them here. Thanks for the mention.


  4. And the gifts just go on and on...and on.


  5. love your subject matter and your title. perfect! OM mani padme hum!

  6. My Dad used to say "this too shall pass" ...:)Sometimes the hardest part is remembering to keep breathing through it:)