Monday, August 3, 2009

# 100

As it turns out.... this is my 100th we've come a long way since my first one.
This should be something special... so let me ponder a bit and come back to it....

Well... considering why I started this blog in the first place.. I think it only make sense to tell you all what this has meant to me... what I've learned... about life, myself, others.... through this journey.
There are so many thoughts swirling in my mind, it's a bit overwhelming, and I can't seem to express myself the way I want to today....(pressure is on ya?)... so I'm going to keep it simple and just say this...

First and foremost I have learned that being honest with yourself isn't really that hard, and that learning to express yourself freely without the worry of being judged can be very beneficial to ourselves and the ones around us. When I first started writing my thoughts down I didn't really think anyone was reading... and perhaps not too many were, that thought alone helped me really feel free to express. And later on as I had more and more of you tuning in and the feedback for my honesty was so pleasing to hear... well I just didn't hold anything back.
Some people have journals and diaries and that's a great way of getting release and freeing your mind from all the thoughts that reside there and even drive us mad at times, but if you have a bit of courage and want to try out an adventure... I suggest you start blogging.... and it is an adventure, at least it has been for me.

The "blogoshere" .... what can I say about this place.... I found so much comfort in this little world behind the computer screen, at the most difficult chapter in our lives... when at times I felt like the walls were crumbling on my head... there you were... holding me up, giving me hope, courage... teaching me about things that were hard for me to learn on my own. This small network of people I had never met, who knew nothing about me... and yet had the most comforting words to share, so much support, such deep compassion.... I guess there is hope for us humans after all...
I could point out one by one all the people that have been there for me through this tough and rugged road, (as I did here) but.. instead I will just say... thank you.... and that I hope you know how much you have all impacted my life and even got to put a smile on Gag's face that day I read all my posts and comments to him. Having a great family and friends circle has helped tremendously as well, but when you get the same caring and compassion from ones you have never met... well that's just an amazing gift...
It has been a great adventure... and it continues to be one of the things I still look forward to each day...

love... peace... joy...

here's to another 100 or two :)


  1. Mari,
    If only I'd known about blogging in 2007 while I was caring for my Grandmother at the end of her life....I did the one thing I knew how to do and every night I put out an email which I sent to friends and family...eventually, they all looked for it at the end of the day as a way to be involved in what was happening in my little world. I will never forget how comforted I was by the email responses I was like balm to a worn heart...and it helped me to purge the emotions I held in check so that my Grandmother could be at peace. The Blogosphere has been a blessing to me since her death, as I've written about my grief over my has helped tremendously....

    I have been very moved and touched by your journey and often cry tears of pain and joy while reading your blog - the love that comes from your writing is abundant and just fills my heart. Thank you for allowing us in.

  2. There are people that are living Bible!!! even if you touch one heart, even if you have opened one person's eyes, even if you made a difference in a persons life you are a blessing. You might never know the power your words had on a person, but the power of energy will come back to you like a boomerang and will hold you standing strong first of all for Gagik and your boys who are your gifts that you will open day by day and get love from .
    My Love to you:}

  3. I salute you! Please keep writing! I'll keep reading! Peace & Namaste, kitty.

  4. congratulations! and thanks for stopping by. how can you not be a hrithik girl? ;)

  5. Well, Mari, you give us a lot of credit for comforting you and caring for you. But, honestly, you're pretty darn easy to love.

    May the next 100 blog updates be filled with the same honesty you have always shown, and may there be more laughter than tears as time passes. Whatever you elect to share, we are always grateful to receive, knowing it will be full of YOU.

  6. Congrats on 100 posts! I know they haven't all been easy. But I'm so glad I found you and your blog when I did. I hope some day I'm reading your 500th! xoxo

  7. And I say thank you for sharing in 100 posts...I was thinking when I read that I have some catching up to do as I found you about 30 posts ago. Hmmmm....need to pencil in some Marinik's Blog time into this insanely wonderful thing called life.

    But you are right...I look forward to creating part of me on the page and then reading parts of everyone else.


  8. Congratulations, Mari! How time flies when I read such great material. Thank you for writing such honest material and sharing your lives with us.

  9. Congrats I am so happy that atleast just a litte bit I could give you comfort in this hard times. I also want to thank you for sharing all this with us and let you know that i have learned alot from you. I hope you will still write and share becausee I do look forward to come home from hard day and read anything that you share.

    Be pround of yourself and your family that give you this strength
    Alots of warm hugs.

    Ani S.

  10. I started reading your blog when you posted about him reading all the nice comments... so much happened since then. I really admire your courage to share your thoughts about your sad destiny so far but I also admire how you are able to see sparkles of light inmidst of that dark night of the soul. I am convinced that especially your way of blogging was and is like therapy for you. stay strong! Eliane

  11. Congrads to the big fat beautiful 100!
    I am tuned for countless 100s for sure!

  12. awww thanks guys.... I know there's a reason why I love you all...

  13. Ah...happy're brave and strong, and your words are so inspiring. Keep writing xx

  14. Happy 100th Blog birthday! Wow, what a great place it's become for everyone. Even though I'm a reader of your posts and comments, *I* feel like I'm getting to know those who comment on your blog, through their writing :)