Wednesday, July 1, 2009

love on canvas....

the arteeeest at work......

his choice of fruit...
the end product.... not bad for my little artists first try huh.....
a closer look reveals nice lines.....
Gag's finished painting... his hands were so shaky...but he was determined to finish it....
and hey.... I dabbled a bit too.... don't laugh!... I've never painted before... let alone create on a canvas with oils.... :)

The important thing is that Rob enjoyed it and he wants to paint another one.... yayyyy..... success!!!

love and peace...


  1. Wow. What a talented family.

    I'm looking for someone to illustrate a children's book. Tell Rob I will wait for him. :-)

  2. M,
    You have a such a beautiful family I am in awe of the love that just pours out from your blog. Thank you, Namaste, Shannon

  3. Sue... Rob was next to me when I read your comment and gave a good chukle :)
    Shannon... thanks... we do have a sea of love... and you know what they say..."a family that playes together..stayes together"..:)

  4. oh wow... I'm using my son's computer..and my comment posted under his Google name... how funny :0

  5. Fantastic! What a talented family you are, lovely x

  6. Wow, Marin, that was really good. You think of such special things to do with the family, meaningful. Robert's painting is so good, and it's his first time? Like I said, I never knew Gag painted. I love his picture of you. Love your blog. And like Ani (my sister) said, I feel myself that I'm reading a love story of sorts. Every time I come to this site, I'm ready for something special, no matter what you write. You've provided me, and so many others, a place to do this, through your love, honesty, and sharing.


  7. very good work. your boys are gorgeous!!!

  8. I can see so much potential! I totally agree with you marinik, not bad for starters just a few more practice and loads of inspiration I'm sure he's surely on the road of becoming a great artist!

  9. thanks everyone... and welcome Laiza

  10. looks like a new collage wall hanging to me! a memory to cherish each time you pass it.