Sunday, May 10, 2009

"BFF" Power..

"BFF" (best friends forever), as the new generation refers to it... This generation that can text faster than they can talk, all the while "IM"-ing, and responding to comments on their "my space" and carrying on a conversation on the phone (like my niece), all in a matter of minutes... Boy I tell you, before we know it our babies are going to pop out with a laptop in one hand and a cell phone with MP3 capabilities in the other, oh and let's not forget a dictionary for all the newly invented "txt" jargon, because I don't know about all of you, but I don't understand half the things these kids are texting about... But, where was I.....

Oh yes, back to "bff"s.... For us girls having a close nit group of girlfriends is not only fun, but essential for survival in this life. Who doesn't enjoy a night out with the girls every now and then, with some margaritas and a great conversation, we can laugh, recharge and for once not worry about being a wife or a mother and just be us "girls". Or how about a couple of days away, doing a little bit of lounging around in our PJ's in the hotel room and watching "chick flicks", eating all the chocolate we want, without worrying about how we look that day. Ahh good memories....

We all love each of our girlfriends for different reasons, one may be our fashion guru, or the other knows all the hot spots in town, and yet another is our drinking buddy.... But there is always that one we seem to connect with on a deeper level than all the others. Maybe we have more of the same interests, or have a longer history with, but when we make that connection it is one of the most fulfilling relationships in our lives, we must hang on to it and cherish it for as many years as possible and even beyond that...

I am one of the fortunate ones to have that connection with my "bff", we have been together for twenty seven years, yup that's right, met in 1982 in high school and still going strong. We have so much history together and have been through many highs and lows of life, I can not imagine life with out her (ok girls don't get jealous). What I cherish most about our friendship is the fact that no matter what situation we are both in, or what time of day it is, or where we are... we can always reach each other, and know this person will have the time to give us and not judge, or criticize us, but just be that shoulder we need right then, or that guiding light to help us out of a tough moment. It truly is a blessing to have that in our lives.

So, girls... nurture that relationship you have with your best friend and don't let go of it, it's hard finding such a gift in life.



  1. You are right Marin jan, a person who has a true friend is a wealthy person. The quality not the quantity counts! Also, a true friend is someone who is there to help you trough the tough times, and someone who's genuinely happy for your success!!! And moreover, helps you succeed...


  2. well said, aniko jan
    thanks for the comments