Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Comfort Foods

Something about certain foods that just make us feel good on the inside huh...
It's a different food for each of us, some like soup, or something mom used to make, or just something we crave at that moment. I'm not much of a Lasagna person myself, but for some reason, taking this gooey, warm dish out of the oven, with the smell all over the house, just hit the spot. And it tasted as good as it looked, (yummy). I put mushrooms and spinach in with the ground beef, and go easy with the sauce, so you get the great taste of the beef with all it's flavorings, and a perfect balance of the pasta, cheese and the sauce. I guess there is nothing like comfort food to put you right again...
On another note, Gagik was in a great mood today, so it made my day a whole lot better, who knows I might even have the energy to squeeze in that half hour yoga session today after all, (but first, gotta digest this Lasagna :)

So what are some of your favorite comfort foods? Please indulge me and don't hold back :)

Love and Peace!


  1. Hi Mar,
    Okay so I got caught up on your blogs, wow, you've been busy!
    I love the new look and love the pictures of food and stuff you've been posting. It's like it's taken a whole life of it's own....I love it! Thank you for mentioning my and koko's blogs :)
    I have to say at the moment my comfort food is halva, i've been craving it for the last 2 days, so I made my own version of it and it turned out pretty good, I 'll try to post pictures of it on my blog.

    Way to go on the cupcake orders, Mar one day you will be able to do everything that's in your heart! You will be amazing at it and you will be happy again and so will your children, you are going to get through this...
    Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing an amazing job of being caretaker, wife, mother, and everything else in between, and if you happen to squeeze in a yoga session in the midst of all that, then celebrate!
    Love you!!!!

  2. Oh and next time those critical voices come to tell you that you didn't do everything you could have done and it wasn't as perfect as it should have been, tell it to be silenced and go take a hike. :)

  3. Thanks for all the great input Al,
    by the way have you tried Halva the way the Greeks eat it, with olives, yumm, it is the best combination, sweet and salty, that's how I eat it. love it ;)

  4. You two are making me so hungry!! Between that delicious lasagna and the halva talk, I'm drooling here!!!! Oh and how can I forget those beautiful cupcakes!! I've never been much for cupcakes, but I'm willing to sacrifice for yours Mari.
    Keep the blogs coming!
    Love, Rosie