Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Practice What We Preach

In light of my last "speech" about fear and regret, and not reaching our potential, or pursuing our dreams, I am going to attempt to practice what I preach.....

I have always wanted to be a Yoga instructor, well at least since I started practicing some 12 years ago. I taught myself with a great yoga book I picked up at a garage sale for $2. I fell in love and have been practicing ever since, unfortunately on and off. Every time I made a commitment to practice for at least 6 months to a year diligently, so that I will be up for the instructors courses, something always came up and I stopped my practice. And we all know, once we veer off of our routine it's always hard to get back on it. That same cycle has been occurring for many years and hence, I have yet to reach that goal of being a yoga instructor. Deep down I know how good I will be at it, and that it really is my true calling, but once again excuses and that ever present fear we talked about has kept me from reaching this dream.

Well.... from today on I will start my practice once again, and hope to actually put and end to that cycle and eventually one day teach this beautiful art of "body and mind in perfect harmony". I know with all that is going on right now..... some may say that "this is not the time" for this dream to start it's journey, but I say now is the time..... what's that saying? No time like the present? Yes so true, that "perfect" time may never come, so I can't keep waiting.... It will actually benefit me and my family during this difficult time in our lives. With the practices, and all the meditation and deep breathing that goes into it, I always feel recharged after a practice and will be able to deal with everything much better and with a clearer mind.
Speaking of deep breath..... how about we do a few nice, deep breaths together, ready??

Pranayama (complete breath)
Sit in a comfortable position
Relax your body, and shoulders
Let out all the air from your lungs by exhaling deeply
Start breathing in through your nose very slowly and purposefully
Expand your belly, like you are letting the air blow it up
Then let the air move up to your chest expanding it and filling your lungs
Now keep breathing in and raise your shoulders to your ears (to fill your lungs all the way)
Hold for the count of 5
Slowly exhale the air through your nose
Releasing your shoulder back down
End by pulling your belly in and pushing all the air out.
Repeat 5 times, with eyes closed, and tell me if that didn't feel great.

Do this any time you feel like you need to recharge or relax, I love it first thing in the morning and before bed.
I'll keep you guys posted on how my practices are coming along. I will start with twice a week and gradually move to a daily practice. And maybe I'll introduce a pose each week to you all and we can practice together.

I leave you today with these encouraging words.....
Realize your dreams and start that journey today!


  1. Hi Marine; Just wanted to let you know that I will be your first Yoga student...WHEN (not IF) that day comes :)

  2. Hi Mar jan,
    I had no idea you were into Yoga.So am I and I love it.It keeps me sane.lots of love