Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Rock

Today I want to write about a person who is responsible for everything I am, for my very being, for all the good that's inside me, for all the strength and courage I possess.
My mama
She is the most incredible person I have ever known, and I'm not just saying that because she's my mom... not at all. As a child we all love and adore our mothers yes, but as we grow and mature into adults we really get to know this person that we've been calling mom, as an individual, we see things about their character that we never noticed as children. And if we are fortunate enough to spend time with them in our adulthood and really connect as human beings we learn more and more things about each other, one should never miss this opportunity to become their mothers friend.

I feel so fortunate to have her so close to me, especially in this most difficult time in my life. She has been my rock, my voice of reason, my ray of sunshine and well of strength through out this storm. Every quality I have.. I have learned from her, and not so much from advice given but more from her actions all our lives. There is nothing she can't handle, she is always ready, willing and standing tall to reach any one of us at the time of need, she has never put herself first, it's always been family... family... family. She's worked all her life (even now at 65), and has always had a perfectly run household, never missed a PTA meeting or volunteer hours, or to reach a friend in need, to heal some pain with a hug and some kind words, or dinner made...., how does she do it???? And after running around all day she still has the energy (knock on wood) to make sure I laugh or cry if I need to, or unload my heart to her if I need to, or even get some anger out. What would I do without her????
I would rather not ponder that thought and just love her for as long as I can.

If you are fortunate enough to have your mother around still, call her today, and say thanks MOM, I love you!



  1. Yes, Marin jan, you are very fortunate to have such a wonderful mom!!!
    I know exactly how you feel, since if it weren't for my mom, I would not be where I am now, physically and emotionally...She has been MY only rock during my tough times...who's helped me tremendously with EVERYTHING...
    Yes, we are fortunate to have moms who are selfless, caring, loving, and are always there for us...unconditionally...

    Yes, we do learn from our moms and that sort of love forges our personalities which we then pass on to our own children...

    You are already an example of that...


  2. How lucky your Mamma is to have a daughter that appreciate all she has done. Lovely post!

  3. Hi hun, I agree with you 150%.We are very lucky and fortunate to have our moms to have them around all the time. I've seen your mom only a few times but she is very friendly and welcoming that I felt I knew her forever. I wish her health & happiness to be around you during these hard times. We should enjoy and appreciate while we can.
    love your post thanks for sharing.
    -Ani S.

  4. Mari, God has certainly blessed you by surrounding you with loving people...who love fiercely and well, and who receive love in return. My mother and I had a difficult relationship when I was growing up. And then when I was 14, she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought that battle bravely and with such dignity and grace, even though there was a huge amount of fear and only a small amount of faith. Back then, many years ago, cancer wasn't talked about, not even with one's family. She was very silent on the subject. But I would catch her in the mornings as she was dressing, and I could see the battlefield that was her body, scarred and defiled in the attempts to save her life. She lived for fifteen years after her diagnosis, and in that time I watched as our roles I took care of her and she became more dependent on me. And what I learned was this: We are all daughters and we are all mothers, and as tempestuous as that can be at times, it can also be the sweetest partnership. We do the best we can with what we can, and sometimes we fall short. Other times, we reach Herculean heights of grandeur. But whatever we do, we do it on a foundation of love...not always perfect, but always there. Your mother sounds very special, a precious woman whose example has determined the woman you are today. You have been molded by her hugs, her laughter, and her tears. You have been carried when you couldn't walk, thrust forward when you were too afraid to move, and run along side with when you thought you were alone. You were and are loved. What a blessing! But, then, who wouldn't love YOU?

  5. Ladies.... your words touch my heart every time. Thank you so much for being there and sharing your thoughts as I do so openly.
    I see a beautiful "blogship" growing here (I think I just made up a word :)