Saturday, June 6, 2009

Open your hearts

I once again woke up this morning with a heavy heart.... hubby hasn't been feeling so great the last couple of days, is vomiting too much and can't really hold any food down. I'm hoping he'll have a better day today.

So with my heavy heart and achy body I dragged myself out of bed and out the door to Qi Gong practice... and then something wonderful happened.... I had such an amazing practice... With the first breath I took in at warm up, I felt my heart lifting little by little, and the day looked brighter and brighter... And as my heart opened up I felt so calm and in tune inside, and lost myself completely to the swaying of the movements. After the closing meditation, I felt recharged once again and able to face the day with a happier and lighter heart.

I learned something new today.... when we keep our hearts open through the day, we leave an open path to our soul, a window of opportunity if you will, for the wonders that await us each day. Have you ever noticed, when you are in a bad mood, filling your head with negative thoughts and nagging throughout the day.... more and more bad and unpleasant things happen that day.

Well today such a wonder, a heartfelt gift found it's way through that window, traveling that path to my soul, and filled my heart with so much joy, warmth and love.... But, I was willing to receive that gift because my heart was open... often our eyes see things that our hearts miss because we are not open to accept them.

I stopped by Alice's for what may seen like a mundane chore... a hair trim for Arman. Alice was the voice in my head that suggested I start this blog, (thanks again Al for being the messenger from the power above). But what was just a routine visit... turned out to be an incredibly pleasant experience for me. Her daughter Nicole , who is blessed with an amazing singing voice and the talent to compose her own music and write her own lyrics, had written a song for me. As she sang this song with the greatest of passion in her voice and the music vibrated out of her piano.... I was lost in an ocean of tears, these were not tears of pain or sorrow, but of love and joy that had filled my heart. I was stunned and frozen in my seat, to think that this 15 year old can create such words that would touch my heart so deep.... did I really deserve such a brilliant gift.... (I'm crying, even now as the words echo in my mind)..... Thank you Nicole for giving me this priceless treasure that will warm my heart forever.

Such wonders can be felt each day, and can fill our hearts with so much love....if only we would keep our hearts open to receive these gifts..

keep love and peace in your hearts.


  1. your post made me cry. i'm so glad you had the wherewithal to get out of bed and go to Qui gong today! Peace!

  2. me too. where are the tissues? sniff, sniff. thank heavens for the beautiful people in the world.

  3. What a wonderful post. I am intrigued by Qi Gong and must do some research now. But to the heart.

    You observations about being open to the day and about the downward spiral resonate so clearly with me.

    Yesterday I was in a dark place where the heart could not find the motivation to move. Today I was helping a dear friend half the world away with a day that was driving her insane. I finally offered a single line of advice. "Change your day".

    I reflect, though, that yesterday I struggled with my ability to change the day. She just called me and was a totally different person. She called to give me some positive energy.

    Made me smile and then I read your post. Made my heart smile, my brain mellow and warmth seep in.

    Thank you for your heart and those who help your heart.

  4. Pip said it beautifully. I couldn't say it any better. What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful gift you were given today. The gift of insight, epiphany, revelation. And what a gift you gave to us by sharing it.

  5. Kitty and Janet, hope it was a good cry, we all need that sometimes.
    Pip.. you're right we do hold the power to "change the course of our day", and your friend is fortunate to have you.
    Sue..I love to share these days and hear how it's appreciated
    thank you all :)

  6. My mom does Qi Gong and she loves it. I really do see her becoming a happier person and more calm:)

  7. Thank you for the inspirational post. I feel so many people going through difficulty. Your sharing of both the difficult and uplifting is a comfort.

  8. Mar that was beautifully written, thank you for sharing that with others. I'm so glad that you receved Nicole's gift with an open heart. I'm glad she was able to share it with you, I know it meant a lot to her.