Monday, June 15, 2009

a glimpse of happiness....

After three excruciating days of numbing pain, discomfort, not being able to sleep, or eat, or to get out of bed..... this evening was a happy one for us.

We were finally able to find the right dose of medication for Gag to control the pain... and he was actually able to get out of bed, eat something with pleasure, smile with us and have visitors. A few friends stopped by... and we sat around... talked and enjoyed ourselves as if nothing has happened.... (thanks guys, you made our day... love ya!).

So you tell me... how can I not be happy???

We must think... that today may be our best day... we mustn't wait for us to feel stronger tomorrow... or have more time to spend with friends on Saturday.... or that we are tiered now and will do it tomorrow..... NO... today is possibly the best day for us... and compared to the last three days... today was the best day... and tomorrow might be better or worse... but today was the best... and we took advantage of it and really enjoyed that two hour glimpse of happiness...

saying good night with a happy face today... and that is a BIG thing

love and peace...


  1. yay, first commenter :P...just happened to visit before going to bed.

    I'm so Happy to hear this! so happy for the good time you guys had today~~


  2. Dear Mari,
    I tried to comment yesterday but I was at work and silly silly computer froze so all the beautifully carefully chosen words are now gone! .... really I just want to let you know I am thinking of you and your family and I'm so happy to see this post today.. This is how it will be for you... savor the moments..enjoy and celebrate Gag's life!! He will always be in your heart you know that.
    Much love and good wishes.... Ali.

  3. Thanks ladies for being there for us,
    Nairi jan you can stop by any time to see him for even a few minutes

  4. Precious moments for a precious couple. Praise God!

  5. thankful for the small pain free moments, you remain in my heart~elk

  6. So good to hear! Isn't it amazing how in the face of adversity such as this, we hang on to every happy moment....cherish it and never want to let go? This should be a lesson to all of us to live that way every day. To hang on to every happy moment, no matter how miniscule or unimportant it may seem.

    Love, Ani (Noah's mommy...just clarifying since there seems to be more than one Ani around here :) Whatever dude! Or maybe I should just say Gigi....

  7. yay for good days! we had two parents sick at the same time. i think sitting with cancer is eventually forcible zen. sitting with any suffering is compulsory zen. it taught me a lot. thinking of you.

  8. thanks everyone, it feels good to share.... and Ani you're my only Gigi :)

  9. Seize the moment! Happiness! Yes!