Tuesday, June 16, 2009

good eatin

Gag was craving some of his favorite foods today... yes that's right craving food.... that's a good thing... he is more alert.... has less pain... and overall is doing so much better today... so.....

we had some Georgian food, some yummy dumplings (khinkali) and some egg pizzas with feta cheese (khachapuri)... oh sooo good, totally hit the spot. He enjoyed the food and we enjoyed him in good spirit.

My mom heard him talking about these dumplings in the morning and ordered them right away (isn't she the best mother-in-law?) . We order it from this place, the food is really good, and they have all the classic Greorgian dishes.

Ahhh... we live for days like these... so can you tell I'm a bit happier now... talking about food and all :)

Gotta enjoy every moment right?
Hope you guys enjoyed the photos I had up earlier today, thank goodness for our scanner :)

love and peace


  1. I like the sound of the egg pizza's... food is such a personal thing don't you think and when you can eat a fave from home it is just so mmm mmm good!!!!! Bon Appetit!!! Ali.
    p.s. hope Rod didn't put you off your food!!lol

  2. Yum. The dumplings look wonderful.

    I thought Gag did not eat cheese????

  3. Ya happy moments and good food thats all you need now days.Your photos ae realy nice you guys are like move stars.

    I am so happy that you are enjoying.

    Always peace and love.

    Ani S.

  4. I'm so, SO glad that you've had a couple of good days! I read your post from last Friday while I was out of town, and my heart was breaking for you. Your pics from earlier today are beautiful!

  5. So right you are about enjoying the moment.

    ~ Philip

  6. thanks guys, it has been a couple of great days...
    Sue... his pizza only had mozzarella, that's one cheese he can stand :)

  7. OMG. Me, too!

    You sure pick smart and discerning people to love! :-)

  8. First of all, Thank Goodness I decided to start eating my lunch before I started reading your blog today. OMG, I started salivating at those pics! (then again, is that any surprise? Gigi and food go hand in hand!). Hallalujah! Gag having an appetite is music to my ears! And, yes, your mom is amazing Mar! Both of you have been each others rock during these turbulent times. She is your Masis and you are her Ararat. What?
    So glad you are having another good day! Let's hope and pray for more.
    love, ani Gigi-ian

  9. Gigi... you are too cute with your whole Masis and Ararat thing... kamats

  10. I am glad to hear that today was a good day, Marinik.