Sunday, June 21, 2009

where there's a will....

The easel is out and dusted off... the brushes are soaking... the colors sorted.......and the blank canvases await a story...

So tomorrow, with a list at hand Robert and I will be picking up some new supplies as directed by dad....

There was a new light in Gag's eyes today... as weak and worn out as he is... he still got excited at the thought of teaching Rob how to play with oils.

These are the days we'll cherish.

love and peace


  1. Wow sweety, have fun, fun, fun tomorrow and enjoy, cherish these days with your happy family. Hope you had a good time today.:)

    Always warm Love and hug.

    Ani S.

  2. Wow, you made it become a reality, Marin, as Gagik's father's day gift. That is so sweet and special. I'm looking forward to you guys' tomorrow.


  3. woo hoo! that is GREAT! i hope we'll be able to see some of the work. xoxo

  4. Can't wait to see what love looks like on a canvass!

  5. can´t wait to see the creations! besos!

  6. be sure to post the paintings...looking forward to seeing what you guys make! yay for good days!!!

  7. I'm happy for this day!

  8. Dear Sue, everything you wrote I wanted to add AMEN under it you are such an amazing soul! I thank God for your being there for Mari with your sooo calming words and pampering thoughts! ... you talk from our hearts! you have the talent to express it so perfectly, so right ...I have learned alot from you, so... Thank you!
    God Bless You
    Marin jan indzeles havesi gtsel nkarelu:)

  9. Hello beautiful!
    I thought about you this weekend. Isn't that funny how you can barely know someone, and still think... how are they doing? ; )

    Ya gettin ready to paint?

  10. WOW... the pressure is on huh?
    I'll have to stay on top of it and make sure not to disappoint you all...
    thanks for all the well wishes...:)
    lots of hugs

  11. cherish indeed. love your pictures!

  12. I wish I could paint. I feel like there are emotions that I need to get out and visualize and reflect on and keep and preserve. I know, every artist says "anyone can paint", but that cause they dont know what its like to have zero inspiration/imagination/ability. I couldnt begin to think of something to paint to reflect what I want it to....

    In any case, I think that is wonderful that you can. And I love to appreciate artwork from others.

  13. Julochka... recovering from blog camp???
    AqaSas... you just gotta pick up a pencil... and start doodling anything... that's how you start... give it a try :)